Hello all,

We are pleased to announce a new update with many improvements for VR, multiplayer, audio and more.
Live for Speed has some of the best VR support. It's a big month for Virtual Reality, so we thought it was a good time to make it even better. Now, a "look and click" system removes the need for a mouse. A virtual keyboard means you don't need to use the real keyboard, which was always hard with a headset on.
A new Demo filter helps you find the online races you are looking for. Other multiplayer improvements include a better steering input for remote cars and quicker horn and flash transmission. The new siren sound system was a popular update and it inspired some audio improvements. Now the doppler effect is enabled on all car sounds.
We hope you enjoy the update. Read the list of changes and how to get the update on the 0.6N information page.
Finally you may want to check out the new Files section we have added to the website. The first available file category there is car setups, making it the best place for finding your new car setups and share the ones you already have.
For more information, please visit this forum post with more details on the car setup section.

- LFS Developers